"Perfect Life" By Miles Schuler
"Perfect Life" By Miles Schuler
"Perfect Life" By Miles Schuler
"Perfect Life" By Miles Schuler
"Perfect Life" By Miles Schuler

"Perfect Life" By Miles Schuler

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Miles Schuler "Perfect Life"
Published by Childhood Intelligence 

"Perfect Life"
Fushigi Fiction 01

Black riso-print on Munken cream 150g/m², 
IBO 70g/m² and Folia Silber 130g/m²
Edition of 50 / Singed

 "Perfect life" is the first zine by @milesschuler, published with Childhood Intelligence Fushigi Fiction 01, depicting a mono-chromatic dystopian experience. 

The zine intervenes elements of brute architecture and cultural fragments, cryptic typography expressed through Miles own calligraphic letterings, printed onto translucent paper. Creating a mystical interplay of light and shadow between Image and writing. An observation of the present. Simultaneously giving notion of the ancient and the future ... 

Miles Schulers artistic practice is routed in his many years of engaging on many levels with writing, language, calligraphic elements, and the communicative moment of the written word with society in public space. In his paintings he dissects letters experimentally and studies the fragmented forms for their moments of tension. Subsequently these isolated forms are composed in the pictorial field, repeated and placed in relationship to other fragments of letters or pictures. The result is an image of writing that goes beyond the familiar communicative level.

Printed by @wemakeitberlin
Photos by @choreo.info