The Nightstalker - Genetic Constitution - Child Sixteen

The Nightstalker - Genetic Constitution

Artist: The Nightstalker
Release Title: Genetic Constitution
Illustrations: Marko K. Gavez 
Layout & Design: Stewart Armstrong

The Return of 'The Nightstalker', a Childhood Intelligence endeavour written/produced by Dan Piu & Gary Rich (2022). The second album «Genetic Constitution» is the sequel of «The Tragedies Of A High-Tech World» (2020), in which the Nightstalker continues to manifest its mystic dystopian electronic prophecies. Full of haunted melodies, cinematic compositions and passages of hope and despair.

«In a damned world
dystopian and mad
we create our own sound
of the positive apocalypse

with bizarre characters 
we feel connected
with the outsiders,
strangers and forgotten

in the darkest hour
the crazy sounds arise
standing on the edge 
a delight for the senses

when all are gone
we have stayed
in the endless desert
good and evil at the same time

for us it is true 
always to nail down
when everyone can have it 
we do not want it»

The Nightstalker, 2022