Mihail P. - It's Just A Ride - DREAM FOUR - Childhood intelligence

Mihail P. - It’s Just A Ride
DREAMS by Childhood Intelligence

Transitioning Into the Year 2024 (8), a new celestial sound entity is being released on DREAMS, the alternate g3nre bending sub-label of Childhood Intelligence. 13 Track variations of Downtempo / Drum N Bass and Breaks with Celestial Soundscapes, Dreamy Pads & Mind-Healing Melodies.

Written & Produced by Mihail P. from Vinica, Macedonia. Him being part of a new generation of UK / Detroit techno & IDM artists, presenting his signature melodic & deep sound choices on his first Album that reminiscent of the greatest early works of B12, Black Dog Productions, WARP and Darren Nye.

“I’ve always wanted to create and make things, even when I was a toddler. When all the other kids would play with toys that had been bought or given to them as presents, I was much more into making my own toys. I’d also design castles from cardboard and let my imagination go wild. So, when I discovered electronic music, I wondered how to go about doing it – create such an atmosphere in the track. I really love the ambience of early UK Techno, the atmosphere presented and how it all works together. It’s always a personal journey for me, regardless of what the artist had in mind while producing, you always find your own interpretation: mind music for sure.”

With the “It’s Just A Ride” Album, we finalise a project that has long been in the making. Watching Mihail’s growth and transition - the moment has come to release his intimate music for peace & understanding into this universe.

3-Dimensional Sculpture by Tego Gratos
Layout, Type by Stewart Armstrong

Released through Cyberspace - childhoodintelligence.bandcamp.com