Electrodefender - The Mirror Of A Soul - Child Thirteen

Electrodefender - The Mirror Of A Soul 

Artist: Electrodefender
Release Title: The Mirror Of A Soul
Illustrations: Antoine Leisure
Layout & Design: Antoine Leisure

Traveling to the Future through a past of Machines. Childhood Intelligence Thirteen written/produced by “Electrodefender”. Unknown to most, Originating from Frankfurt am Main, he has been pursuing his art for more than 20 years. Self-releasing through his own “Defendergrooverecords” - Re-Introduced to the World with his New Mini Album - “A Mirror Of A Soul”. Post-apocalyptic, classical, and mystic are the atmospheres that float across. Break-battle style Electro, Vocoders and Newbeat - full of Rich Synthesiser Landscapes that remind of the source, the early 80s Origin.

A1 Detone One
A2 In Old Times
A3 Why
A4 The European Knight
B1 Ffm Graffiti Scene
B2 Dreamszene
B3 Soul Balsam