Interlect 3000 - The Return Of Intelligence -2x12 Vinyl - Child Fifteen

Interlect 3000 - The Return Of Intelligence

Artist: Interlect 3000
Release Title: The Return Of Intelligence
Layout & Design: Stewart Armstrong

Childhood Intelligence 15th release presents “The Return Of Intelligence '' by UK duo “Interlect 3000”. Far ahead of its time, the two artists composed these futuristic timeless pieces, unknowingly, for generations to come. The album pays homage to the early days, fusing aspects of Techno, Trance, House, Electro, Ambient. Truly a hypnotic journey from beginning till end, live recorded & dedicated to the journey itself. Traxx which were written and recorded at Spare Room Studios, Essex and Phantasm Studios, London, between 1992 -1996 have now been rediscovered and released in 2022. Interlect 3000 as the architects of their own world are driven by passion and dedication for electronic music. A testament of skill and imagination only known to masters of their art.

A1 Children Of Technology
A2 Infrastructure
B1 Sundance
B2 Unamed I
B3 Mindfood
C1 Questions ?
C2 Program 9
D1 Freestyle
D2 Turbulance
D3 Rainfall