Dan Piu – Tru Time And Ages - Child Five


Dan Piu is releasing his first full Album with unreleased traxx since 1999. A collection of beautiful Chicago & Detroit sounding pieces that he created throughout the last centuries.

The “Tru Time and Ages“ 2×12 Album is Childhood Intelligence’s 5th release. 


Words Of Others: 

1."Tru Time And Ages" – honestly, the title of this record couldn't be better. I can hear so many different aspects of electronic music and while I'm listening to these varied and sophisticated tracks, it definitly seems like a journey to me with no beginning and no end. I really feel all those harmonic chords (and deep in its deepest senses), sience fiction pads and timeless effects, funky basslines and interleaved rhythms. At the end of the album I would like to start over again."

2. I think this lp is absolutely magical. It has moments that remind me of Russ Gabriel’s Voltage Control, and some Kenny Larkin tracks. Perhaps even a tiny bit of Likemind and Luke Slaters 7th Plain. Not in any obvious way though. Just subtle sound/musical Interactions here and there that bring those things to (my) mind.