Equal Ways - The Outer Marker - DREAM Three

Artist: Equal Ways
Release Title: "The Outer Marker"
Illustrations: Marko K. Gavez 
Layout & Design: Stewart Armstrong

Total Time: 72:04

Format: Compact Disc 



01 - Equal Ways - The Outer Marker (4:09)

02 - Equal Ways - Daylighter (4:02)

03 - Equal Ways - Circumstantial Evidence (10:08)

04 - Equal Ways - Meaning To The Promise (18:09)

05 - Equal Ways - Reaching Never (5:08)

06 - Equal Ways - Long Shadows (5:58)

07 - Equal Ways - Burnt Offerings (6:38)

08 - Equal Ways - You, At The End (17:52)


Written, produced and recorded by Paul Anthony

Synthesizers / guitar / dictaphone / programming / effects / treatments


Recorded at Fresh For ‘88, Trickshot Studios and Pockets Heavy, Ottawa, CANADA

Executive Producer: Alexander K. Einetter

Design & typography by: Marko K. Gavez


THANK YOU: Alexander K. Einetter (Childhood Intelligence), Sandra Anthony (always), Todd Nickolas (ADSR), Glenn Humplik, Pete Grove (Woodwork Recordings), Christian Poulsen & Jason Rolfe (Bishops Bloc), Geoffrey Dent (Ricochet Records), Jim Roditis (Upper Regions), Tim Humphrey (Discovery Records), Golbon Moltaji, Andrew Pakuts (CKCU FM), Clint House, Arturo B Turo, Blake Jacobs (House Of Targ), Mario Carlucci (CBC / Radio-Canada), Wendy Hydra (Juncture Music), Adrian Collins AKA Edzy (Unique 3), Esa Juhani Ruoho (Lackluster), Paul Croley (Cakeboy), Robert Page (Bobzilla), LW Recordings (UK), Jason McCreadie, Tom Thompson, Vittorio Vychod Spica, Paul Blackford, Blaise Castonguay, Adriana Ciccone (Hexon Bogon), Thomas Stepien (Teknobrat), Andres del Castillo, Tumelo Ponalo (Melo-T), Wai Wan, Annie Socoria, Jonnie Yates, Rory Hanchard, VJ Cinetik, Ashford SC, Dot Starkey, Roland Marckwort, Nicolas Lavoie (Paraphonique), Sophie Frenette, Phillip B. Klingler, Christian Guzman, Malek Eye, Janine Cangy Inglis, Stuart Siney, Nick Doyle, Mark Totti, Phil Minotti & Mike Graham (CNTRL Machine), Michael Glenwright, Andrew O'Malley, Daniel Hood (AMPD), John Emond, Jeff Larocque, Abe Van Dam, Ben Globerman, Michael Elliott, Tom Middleton & Mark Pritchard (Global Communication), Alan Demsky, Mineo Kawasaki, Eliot Goldstein, Kimera La Grande, Simon Labelle (Réservoir), Philip Meadows, Callum Browne, Dave Rout (Techniques Berlin), Avery Strok, Andrew Duke, JS Cote, Warren Darby (Dekcuf), Kenneth Walter Kaldalóns Balys, Simon Lajeunesse, Ben Vh, Michael Caffrey, Andrew Wowk, Rob Preuss, David Jackson, Stuart Curr (Swollen Heads), RIP Paddy McManus, Chris Daughney (who started me on this journey), Spaceman Music (Ottawa), Moog Audio (Montreal), 99.9 Emergency FM (Leeds UK), Frederick Sugden (Threads Radio - Tottenham UK), Ricochet Records Podcast (London UK), FutureMusic FM (London UK), Altitude Radio (Guarda PT), Switched On Synths (Ottawa CAN), Drone Day (Ottawa CAN), Electric Circuits Festival (Kingston CAN), Alweezgrooven Festival (Quebec CAN), Aptly Named Summer Festival (Quebec CAN). And major thank you to all the record labels, radio stations, DJs and venues who have supported me over the years.