"Musasabi" @ Valla Vino Natural Wine Bar / Resturant

This coming Friday 29/9/23 “MUSASABI” style cooking presents a 3-course menu at Natural wine bar / Restaurants @vallavino - Lychenerstrasse 3, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin. 

1. South Asian Veg. Anti-Pasti Combo: Homemade Flamed Kimchi / Sweet n Sour Japanese Pickled Cucumbers / Roasted Garlic Tomato-Shitake / Fried Oyster Mushroom with Yuzu - - Recommended Wine Pair: Gordia - Pét Nat Rosé

2. Ocean: Beetroot Pickled Salmon Sashimi with Wild Herbs & Yuzu Wasabi Mayo  Recommended Wine Pair: Wabi Sabi - Love & Passion White

3. Vegetarian: Cacho De Pepe Con Falafel with Edamame Creme, White Miso Tahini & Smoked Nuts - Recommended Wine Pair: Christoph Hoch - Orange Non Vintage.


by Childhood intelligence

MUSASABI Kitchen 2nd Menu creation for @vallavino - Lychener Str. 3, 10437, Berlin (Prenzlauerberg) happening on the 18th November, 18:00 - 22:00. Reserved tables, please kindly approach the restaurant to reserve a seat. Limited capacity - Looking forward to create*


1st. Homemade Smoked Daikon Radish - IBURIGAKKO with caramelised figs creme cheese

2nd. “Kärnter Nudel” Grandma Recipe fusion Chinese Wan Tan’s, Sesame coated with Browned Butter and Vinaigrette Dressed Iceberg Lettuce 12€

3rd. Babaganush Smoked Aubergine Pasta with Yuzu Pumpkin Smash, Olive Oil, Rucola & Truffel Pecorino