OBJEKTE VOL. 2 by Childhood Intelligence @ Gr_und Gallery, Berlin

Objekte Vol. 2 

By Childhood Intelligence 
Gr_und Gallery, Seestrasse 49, Berlin, 13347, Germany


OBJEKTE VOL. 2 - A meeting of strangers, together wondering through Slumberland.

"Like a forgotten garden of wild flowers, a faint hummin of nearby melodies, elusive essence of the familiar, cultural abstractions, transformed frame by frame…"

“Objekte” - edited or altered, „das Werk“ / „die Arbeit“, … Something perceptible by one or more of senses, especially by vision or touch; a material thing, an intention, a feeling of infatuation, something intelligible or perceptible by the mind.


Group Exhibition:

Apolo Cacho 
Al White 
Miles Schuler 
Naomi Citlali 
Alsino Skowronnek 
Marko k. Gavez 
Antoine Leisure  
Julia Adolphs  
Valentina Schumacher 
Stewart Armstrong
George Addy
Filip Kolackov
Aniana Heras
Neža Jurman
Juan Issa  
Michel Santos 
Alexis Jamet 
Tego Gratos 
Quentin Chambry 
Elena Cheprakova
Teng Yung Han 
Damien Sayer
Chin Chung Wang
Alex Besikian
Maxime Rapp
Pavel Chernish
House Of Goblins


Supported by: 

Lodown Magazine 
We Make It
Fieldink Studio


Flyer Artwork by:  
Marko k. Gavez