Bigeneric - Uncoded Signals From Axodya - Child One


Marco Repetto was a member of the Swiss band "Grauzone," and he played a significant role in its formation. The band was active in the early 1980s and was known for its influential and pioneering contributions to the Swiss post-punk and new wave scene.

One of Grauzone's most famous and legendary songs is "Eisbär" (German for "Polar Bear"). The song was released in 1981 and became a massive hit, not only in Switzerland but also in other parts of Europe. "Eisbär" is considered an iconic track of the Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave) movement, characterized by its catchy synthesizer melodies, driving rhythms, and distinctive vocals.

The song's popularity and cultural significance have endured over the years, and it continues to be celebrated as a classic in the history of electronic and new wave music. "Eisbär" has inspired numerous cover versions and remixes and remains an essential part of Grauzone's and Marco Repetto's musical legacy.

Over the years, he has been associated with various music labels and projects, releasing music under aliases like "Bigeneric," "Planet Love Records," and "Novamen." 

The "Uncoded Signals From Axodya" release marks Childhood intelligence first vinyl outing, the beginning of an exciting new era for the label, setting the stage for what would unfold in the future.